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Building much more than just a home

Ultra Living Homes specialise in custom designed SDA homes for owner occupiers and investors.

We are committed to empowering Australians with a disability to live the best life they can. Part of that is providing the most suitable, safe and comfortable homes available. An SDA home by Ultra Living Homes is the Gold Standard of Specialist Disability Accomodation.

About SDA

SDA is Specialist Disability Accommodation, that is offered as part of the NDIS.

The NDIS provides funding to eligible participants for accommodation that will meet their required high care needs. Generally, until SDA funding was released, participants have been living in unsuitable environments such as aged care facilities or very old inappropriate housing stock.

SDA is specialist housing solutions that assist with the delivery of supports that cater for each participant’s functional impairment or high support needs. Funding is only provided to a small proportion of NDIS participants with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs and who meet specific eligibility criteria.

SDA funding under the NDIS will stimulate investment in the development of new high quality dwellings that will allow eligible NDIS participants a safe and comfortable place to call home.

Benefits of investing in SDA housing

When you invest in an ULH property, you receive:

Government backed funding for 20 years

The Federal Government has committed up to $700m per annum to eligible NDIS participants who require a specialist dwelling that reduces their need for person-to-person supports, or improves the efficiency of the delivery of person-to-person supports.

SDA funding under the NDIS is a legislated commitment of Australia’s Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments, set out in the NDIS SDA Rules (2016) under the NDIS Act (2013). This legislation provides the foundation for the government’s long-term and firm commitment to SDA funding under the NDIS.

Beyond the legislative commitment, SDA funding enables eligible participants to achieve better outcomes while representing value for money for the NDIS. This is due to high-quality fit-for-purpose dwellings making it easier and less expensive to provide the range of person to-person supports that SDA eligible participants require.

Location is very important as participants seek to live in neighbourhoods accessible to their required supports and social networks, plus an overall feeling of integration into the community.

ULH only source premium level allotments in suitable locations that are perfect for SDA homes. We have relationships with all of the top tier land developers in Queensland.

Long term security and minimum disruption is important to participants, so the standard lease terms are 5 to 10 years.

These long term leases provide investors with peace of mind and long term security. All SDA payments are paid directly from the government to the investor. Participants have the flexibility to vacate the property at any time, however the NDIS will continue to make lease payments for a further 90 days. This allows ample time to find another suitable participant to move into the home.

Our range of architecturally designed homes have been designed to exceed the requirements to be enrolled as an SDA dwelling under the NDIS scheme.

Our homes have been carefully designed to create beautiful, liveable spaces that promote independence. All of our designs offer onsite overnight accommodation for carers, to allow for 24 hour assisted care. We have specific home designs to suit fully accessible, robust and high physical support SDA funding.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your new SDA home is built under a HIA Fixed Price Contract with no hidden extras.

Any unforeseen costs are payable by the builder. Standard progress payments are made during construction, in line with standard HIA contracts.

All of our SDA homes come finished with the highest quality and durable inclusions.

All inclusions are specific to the SDA level of the participants, making an ULH investment property fully tailored to the individual’s needs. All of our homes come equipped with a high level of home automation and smart technology. To ensure participants have the most improved and comfortable quality of life, the technology in our homes is paramount.

An ULH investment property is fully furnished to all common areas on completion.

We use award winning interior decorators and designers to furnish the home including all furniture and decorations. This ensures the on-boarding and welcoming of new participants that are meeting each other for the first time is smooth and hassle free. Participants are only required to furniture their private bedroom and courtyard areas.

SDA Homes
  • Fully furnished
  • Automatically opening sliding glass doors
  • Electric roller blinds
  • Wall hung TV
  • Timber look flooring
  • Central island benchtop with accessible benchspace
  • Modern European appliances
  • Electronically adjustable benchtop
  • Fully accessible sink

Innovative designs and finishes

All of our SDA homes have high quality home automation and premium finishes.

Our SDA homes are designed for everyday living. Incorporating cutting edge technology matched with timeless finishes. Future residents will live an inspired, enabled life.


Securing tenants in your SDA investment

Ultra Living Homes have an exclusive relationship with an NDIS approved Housing Provider.

An NDIS Housing Provider is essential as they hold the key relationships with NDIS care providers, and act as the conduit between the developer of SDA homes and the participants that are seeking homes to live in.

Once construction has commenced, ULH investors will meet with our recommended NDIS housing provider to sign an Asset Management Agreement. Upon signing, the Housing Provider will then liaise with the various NDIS care providers on their Panel of Providers to offer spaces in your investment property via an EOI process. We strive to have all bedrooms secured for leasing prior to completion of construction.

Our Process

Frequently asked questions

The construction process for a fully finished SDA home is 24 weeks.

Generally, prior to construction commencing, there is a 6 to 8 week period of council and developer approvals. So the total period from contract signings to completion is generally 7 to 8 months.

You absolutely can, however Ultra Living Homes recommends you engage an NDIS housing provider as your specialist SDA property manager to obtain participants and manage your property.

This will not only save you significant time and money on research, participant interviews and regular property inspections, but also provide further peace of mind that your SDA investment is being managed appropriately. Only NDIS registered housing providers can receive SDA payments. Specialist disability accommodation is a highly specialised and complex field and should only be managed by experienced NDIS approved organisations.

Ultra Living Homes is a leading builder and developer of SDA homes in South East Queensland.

We have dedicated countless hours into research and development of our new home designs and understanding what participants are looking for. ULH have benchmarked our designs against the industry to ensure our designs are the most liveable, enjoyable and comfortable. Participants have freedom of choice and as supply and demand begin to become equal, only the highest quality SDA homes will enjoy high occupancy levels.

No, Specialist Disability Accommodation has high level features to allow for independent living of participants with high care needs and high level supports.

All of our designs resemble traditional homes to ensure they are vibrant and exciting places to live, dovetailed with sophisticated technology, home automation and accessible design features. Our designs have been certified to comply with Liveable Housing Australia Guidelines and the NDIS SDA Guidelines.


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